Deli & Seafood

Kabana & Cheese
$4.98 each
Latina Fresh Ravioli 2 Serves 375gm
was $9.24 $7.00 each $1.87 per 100g
Mersey Valley Classic Vintage Club Cheddar 235g
$9.89 each $42.09 per kg
Premium Chicken Breast Ingham
$19.99 per kg
Primo Rindless Short Cut Bacon Twin Pack 500g
$14.38 each $28.76 per kg
Tas Heritage Chs Havarti 180gm
$7.77 each $43.17 per kg
Wurstel Chorizo 3pk 300g
$5.89 each $19.63 per kg
Yumis Dip Swt Pot&​Cashew 200g
$4.65 each $2.32 per 100g
Beef Devon Krc Huttons
$9.99 per kg
Bertocchi Budget Bacon 1kg
$12.99 each $1.30 per 100g
Broccoli Salad Sml
$18.99 per kg
Cocktail Krc
$9.99 per kg
Community Co Bolognese Pasta Sauce 425g
$4.80 each $1.13 per 100g
Community Co Ricotta & Spinach Agnolotti 625g
$6.85 each $1.10 per 100g
Creamy Coleslaw Fgr Lrg
$11.99 per kg
Creamy Coleslaw Fgr Med
$11.99 per kg
Creamy Coleslaw Fgr Sml
$11.99 per kg
Don Kabana Kg
$20.99 per kg
Don® Kabana 200g
$7.37 each $36.85 per kg
Don® Mild Hungarian Salami Chub 200g 200g
$10.12 each $50.60 per kg
Don® Rindless Pan Size Bacon 250g 250g
was $10.10 $8.40 each $33.60 per kg
Don® Salami Danish Chub 200g 200g
$10.12 each $50.60 per kg
Don® Strasburg Knob 500g
$8.42 each $16.84 per kg
Krc Pepperoni Salami Kg
$35.99 per kg
La Famiglia Traditional Garlic Bread 400g
was $6.22 $5.00 each $1.25 per 100g
La Famiglia Traditional Garlic Slices Entertainer 16 Serves 450g
$9.33 each $2.07 per 100g
Latina Creamy Sundried Tomato Sauce 425gm
was $8.71 $6.50 each $1.53 per 100g
Latina Lasagne Sheets 375gm
$6.91 each $1.84 per 100g
Lemnos Haloumi Cyprus Style Cheese 180g 180g
was $9.13 $7.00 each $38.89 per kg
Maille Wholegrain Mustard 210g 210g
$6.99 each
Mersey Valley Original Vintage Club Cheddar 235gm
$9.89 each $42.09 per kg
Oriental Rice Salad Large
$14.99 per kg
Potato Cakes Frozen
$0.90 each $9.00 per 100g
Primo English Style Leg Ham 100g
was $4.42 $3.95 each $39.50 per kg
Primo Rindless Short Cut Bacon 175g
$7.38 each $42.17 per kg
Primo Short Cut Bacon 750g 750g
$18.39 each $24.52 per kg
Primo Thinly Sliced Pepperoni Hot Salami 80g
was $4.96 $3.70 each $46.25 per kg
South Cape Tasmanian Fetta 200gm
was $7.58 $6.00 each $30.00 per kg
Tjs Coleslaw Med Kg
$14.99 per kg
Virginian Ham Sliced Bertocchi
$18.99 per kg
Antipasto Euro A/​Fresh Sml
$5.99 Each 200g (approx.) $29.99 per kg
Antipasto Tuscan A/​Fresh Sma
$5.99 Each 200g (approx.) $29.99 per kg
Ausie Beef Party Pie 120g
$4.99 each
Baked Provision Choc Muffin Ea
$4.00 each
Baked Provisions Steak Cheese Pie 2xpk
$7.49 each $1.78 per 100g
Battered Flake
$4.99 each
Beef Lasagne Kg
$19.99 per kg
Beef Rendang R/​C
$24.99 per kg
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