Fruit & Vegetables

Hi Fresh Coleslaw 300g
$4.49 each $1.02 per 100g
Parsley Curly/​Continental
$3.49 each
Potato Brushed 5kg
was $6.65 $4.99 each $1.00 per kg
Wombok Half
$4.25 each
Community Co Asian Salad Kit 250g
$5.30 each $21.20 per kg
Apple Royal Gala
$1.03 Each 160g (approx.) $6.46 per kg
$3.32 each $1.33 per 100g
$0.84 Each 170g (approx.) $4.99 per kg
Cabbage Red Half
$3.33 each
Capsicum Yellow
$10.28 per kg
Carrots 5kg BAG
$9.99 each
was $25.99 per kg $2.99 Avg (approx.) $14.99 per kg
Cherries 500g Punnet
$9.23 each $18.46 per kg
Comm Co Garden Bowl 180gm
$5.70 each $31.67 per kg
Community Co Aussie Mix 120g
$3.20 each $26.67 per kg
$25.38 per kg
Hi Fresh Gourmet Coleslaw 400gm
$5.60 each
Honeydew Half
$4.69 each
$3.35 each
Mandarine 1kg
$5.99 each $5.99 per kg
Nectarines Yellow
was $8.31 per kg $0.77 Each 130g (approx.) $5.99 per kg
Onions Pickler
$0.19 Each 65g (approx.) $2.99 per kg
Peaches White
was $12.31 per kg $0.74 Each 150g (approx.) $4.99 per kg
Pineapple Topless
$6.12 each
$5.99 per kg
Raspberries 125g
$5.77 each $46.16 per kg
Salad Onions White
$9.14 per kg
Silverbeet Bunch
$5.82 each
Alfalfa Each
$3.32 each $2.66 per 100g
Apple Crisps 36g
$4.69 each
Apple Fuji
$7.38 per kg
Apple Golden Delicious
$6.99 per kg
$11.99 per kg
$6.34 each $50.72 per kg
Blood Oranges Kg
$5.99 per kg
Brussel Sprouts
$20.00 per kg
Carrots Dutch Bunch
$5.20 each
Carrots Snacking 200/​250g
$4.75 each
Celery Sticks 300gm
$6.99 each $2.33 per 100g
Chillies 70g
$5.20 each
Chocolate Dipping Sauce 150ml
$5.49 each $3.66 per 100ml
Comm Co Asian Bowl 230gm
$5.70 each $24.78 per kg
Comm Co Caesar Bowl 200gm
$5.70 each $28.50 per kg
Comm Co Crnchy Ndle Kit 450gm
$5.30 each $11.78 per kg
Comm Co Rocket 110gm
$3.20 each $29.09 per kg
Comm Co Salad Bacn Rnch 200gm
$6.50 each $32.50 per kg
Community Co Caesar Salad Kit 290g
$5.80 each $20.00 per kg
Croutons Assorted 90g
$5.49 each
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