Chicken Breast Fillet Skin Off
$15.99 per kg
Chicken Thigh Fillets
$15.99 per kg
Premium Beef Mince
$16.99 per kg
$13.99 per kg
Chicken Drumsticks
$7.99 per kg
Tjs BBQ Sausages
$14.99 per kg
Sausage Mince Gluten Free
$9.99 per kg
Tjs Sausage Rolls Bulk
$12.00 each
Chicken Kiev
$4.69 each
Lamb BBQ Chops
$20.99 per kg
Chicken Nibbles Honey Soy
$7.99 per kg
Extra Premium Beef Mince
$20.99 per kg
Chicken Breast Schnitzel
$19.99 per kg
Lamb Shank
$16.99 per kg
Lamb Leg
$13.99 per kg
$3.99 per kg
Chicken Parma Wellington
$4.00 each
Pet Mince
$2.89 per kg
Tjs Corned Silverside
$15.99 per kg
Whole Chicken
$8.99 per kg
Chicken Necks
$5.99 per kg
Beef Porterhouse Steak
$41.99 per kg
Beef Prime Scotch Fillet
$47.99 per kg
Chicken Frames
$3.99 per kg
Chicken Wings
$6.99 per kg
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets
$46.99 per kg
Gourmet Beef Burger
$18.59 per kg
Mums Burgers
$18.59 per kg
Tasty Rissoles
$15.99 per kg
V.​I.​P. Petfoods™ Protadog With Lamb And Vegetable Adult Dog Chilled Roll 1kg
$4.15 each $0.42 per 100g
Chicken Thigh Schnitzel
$18.99 per kg
Beef Blade Steak
$25.99 per kg
Beef Rump Steak Economy
$22.99 per kg
Beef Scotch Steak Economy
was $33.99 $24.99 per kg
Beef Stir Fry Strips
$28.99 per kg
Bolar Blade Roast
$19.99 per kg
Chicken Strips
$18.99 per kg
Diced Beef
$28.99 per kg
Easy Carve Pork Leg
$17.99 per kg
Lamb Loin Chops
was $27.49 $19.99 per kg
Beef Rump Steak
was $32.99 $19.99 per kg
Chicken Enchilada
$3.50 each
Hawaiian Chicken Enchilada
$3.75 each
Tjs BBQ Sausages Thick
$14.99 per kg
V.​I.​P. Petfoods Gourmet Premium Chicken 3kg
$9.80 each $0.33 per 100g
V.​I.​P. Petfoods™ Paws Fresh Gourmet Chunky Mince Adult Dog Chilled Food 600g
$6.00 each $1.00 per 100g
V.​I.​P. Petfoods™ Pets 1st Choice Adult Dog Chilled Roll 3kg
was $7.30 $6.00 each $0.20 per 100g
Beef Schnitzel
was $24.99 $22.99 per kg
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